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Mexico City
Mexico City, is a city, capital of Mexico and headquarters of the federal powers of the Mexican Republic, constituting one of its 32 federative entities, as well as appearing like the largest and most important urban entity of the country.
Mexico City occupies one-tenth of Mexico Valley in the south-central part of the country, in a territory formed from the Texcoco Lake watershed. In its demographic growth over the past two centuries, Mexico City has incorporated several neighboring villages. Its metropolitan region, known as the "Greater Mexico City", which brings together more than 40 cities beyond the Mexican capital itself, is home to over 20 million people, or about 1/5 of the Mexican population, making it, Regardless of how it is defined, the largest urban agglomeration on the American continent, and the third most populous in the world, just behind the metropolitan regions of Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, South Korea.
Busy, fun, tasty, colorful and interesting. Mexico City is all this, but in gigantic proportions. And it gives a certain sparkle in the eyes to know that one is stepping on the second most populous city in the world. Important and imposing, the Mexican capital offers the tourist a world of options. You can invest in a cultural and historical itinerary, as there is no shortage of museums, art galleries, monuments and archaeological sites. A gastronomic circuit can also be made, as typical foods and drinks are a must and are everywhere. The city also rejoices lovers of a good garden, charming street walks and, of course, good shopping.
Thanks to the large number of museums, monuments, traditional neighborhoods, historic buildings and cultural centers, the Mexican capital is a city where there is no place for a visitor to get bored. Just walk along the Old Town and discover, almost anywhere, a museum with interesting exhibits. Music lovers will not want to miss the opportunity to attend shows at the Teatro de Bellas Artes. Chapultepec, along with the Natural History Museum and the National Museum of Anthropology, need a full day on their agenda. One thing no one can miss in this bustling city is Casa Azul, which was home to the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in the irresistible Coyoacán neighborhood.
The leafy Mexico City is a true feast of contrasts, where the contemporary and the old live in absolute harmony, despite having megalopolis dimensions. An Aztec temple is lined with state-of-the-art, seismic-proof buildings, just as pop music groups intersect with Mariachi in popular taste. And it is exactly this mixture that attracts tourists of all kinds, who, by the way, are very well received by the cheerful Mexican people.
Mexico is very famous for its cuisine. But in addition to the internationally renowned tacos and guacamole, there are delicious and varied culinary traditions throughout the country. The flavors, aromas and textures of traditional Mexican cuisine are a pleasant surprise to the senses, especially exotic products like maguey worms, ants and fried grasshoppers. The unparalleled fusion of flavors in dishes such as guacamole and traditional Mexican sauces is a treat for the most discerning palates.
During your visit to Mexico, you cannot miss the regional cuisine of Yucatán and Oaxaca. The Mexican cuisine is one of the most famous in Mexico and includes the mole, the tlayudas (a large tortilla that is accompanied with regional ingredients) and, for the adventurous, the locusts seasoned with salt, garlic and other spices. Yucatan flavors are less spicy, but surprising in every dish. You can start with cochinita pibil, which is pork seasoned with orange, red onion and axiote sauce, cooked in an underground oven.
Contemporary chefs are continually developing Mexico's culinary personality, incorporating ingredients from around the world to create a cosmopolitan fusion. In Mexico City, the category of the dishes offered is not limited to traditional dishes of the country. The Historical Center and the neighborhoods of Polanco, Rome, Condesa and Tlalpan are home to restaurants offering high quality international dishes. Come and enjoy this gastronomic parade!
In Mexico City, the climate is warm and temperate.
The winter months are much rainier than the summer months in...
The average temperature in.. 15 is 15.9 ° C.
Precipitation here averages 625 mm.
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